Friday, October 22, 2010

A wedding journey : 1. Colours (and the best laid plan)

Inspired by wonderful items from Etsy. Apologies I'm not able to give individual credits to the sellers as I did not save the name of the sellers...apologies! ;;^^ But if you contact me, happy to credit and add the details. :)
Beautiful dress custom-designed and made by Wilson. Photography by: Jave Lee (
Colour scheme and shoe clips for the bridesmaids, sourced from, Chloe & Maddie.
More details of the gown. Photography by: Jave Lee (
When I was planning my wedding, I realised that the sky is the limit. Perhaps budget would be the limiting factor, but when it comes to colours, styling, details etc... literally, there is no limit. It is the one day where you can have things that you like, to represent you and your fiance, anyway you like. And of course, my wedding would be one creative outlet that I relish...:)

Everyone said your wedding should have a theme, a theme that ties everything together. Being the person that I am, I had no idea what theme I would like simply because I love colours...ideas etc. All I know was that I wanted a wedding that represented both of us. So I thought, let's start with a colour scheme. Being a trained and practising textile designer (albeit briefly), I set out to do a mood board. And the place where I got much of my inspiration was of course, Etsy! ^^

I looked for dresses, flowers, accessories idea and I came up with a colour scheme of pinks and greens. Thinking it would be a spring wedding anyway, it would be quite apt.

Having a year to plan the wedding did not help...with the colour scheme. ;;^^ As much as I loved my initial scheme, I felt it wasn't right. I changed my mind so many times until, I got my custom-designed and made luncheon dress by Wilson Tjuatja Widjaja. The idea of the dress was a bridal dress that is not in white. I already had a white gown when I approached Wilson, but I needed a second gown that I could wear on Wedding Day 2 (when the reception was held). He came up with this fantastic idea of marrying salmon pink with mushroom grey. My Matron of Honor, E. picked a darker watermelon pink for the bridesmaids' dresses.
And we finally have our colour scheme. ^^

Salmon pink, watermelon pink, mushroom grey. The french lace that Wilson used on the bodice introduced the idea of the lace throughout the wedding. The pearls added accents of vintage. More details next time on how the colours and ideas from the dress were used throughout the wedding stationery etc...:)

Wedding tip #1: As much as you plan for colours, schemes etc. sometimes be prepared to shift ideas. It is amazing how things fall into place. 


  1. omg, more more.. you are so cute, " having one year to plan your wedding doesnt help because you have too many ideas ! "haha
    your pink and green theme is simply beautiful. Good job !

  2. Thanks Shanwen. LOL
    It's true you know...the longer time you have to plan for a wedding the more confusing it becomes when it comes to making decisions. But I wouldn't have it any other way. :)
    I will blog more about the wedding...:)


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