Saturday, November 20, 2010

A wedding journey: 2. An invite speaks a thousand words...

... or rather it sets the tone to the wedding. It sets up the mood, the feel and the overall presentation for the guests of what they might expect from the wedding even before they attended the wedding.

Remember my dress that inspired the whole colour and themes? I used the lace motifs which was reflected in the doilies and printed lace, colours and ribbons to tie the whole theme back to the dress.

Wedding tip #2: Keep things simple. What I mean here is that when designing a DIY for your wedding, think simple in terms of construction. There is nothing worse than a beautifully designed invite that is made up of many components that you needed 2 hours per invite! Execution is the key. If you design something that is beautiful and easy to construct, you are more likely to end up with something that wows your guests because it is well-made. Imagine trying to construct a 50-100 invites when one invite alone is complicated!

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