Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Wedding Journey: 3. It's a Sign!

As you know, signage are very important in any function. In a wedding, it can be the very thing that ties the whole wedding theme together. As I mentioned before, I did not have a specific theme for my wedding but rather I was using colours to tie the whole wedding together. Using signage, I used not only the colours, but fonts and motifs to create a feel for my wedding. 

I opted for a different, albeit a well-used idea in weddings by using words for each of my table instead of numbers. I designed and created the signs with a variety of words linked to "love". Some of my friends who were guests in the wedding helped me to come up with some of the words such as "adore, "devotion", "faith" and so on.

The fonts, motifs and colours were carried across onto other signage in the room. 

I did not want to settle for a normal excel sheets for my guestlist and sitting chart. So I created these. Again, I had hoped that by doing so, the continuity of the theme of my wedding would be preserved. 

Using cupcake wraps with stickers that I had designed to match the other signage around the wedding, I've saved time in making sure that my bomboniere were ready by the wedding reception with minimal hassle. I'm a big fan of doing things simple, easy and effective. Here, I opted for a typewriter font instead of the flowy font I had used in my other signage. Why? The size of these particular signage were tiny. It is important when creating signage that the guests can actually read them. That being said, the same font was also used in the invites. So again, it carried the theme of the wedding through.

Details, details details! It is the little details that can make a wedding unforgettable. I created a signage for my cake table to tell the guests what cake they would be getting. I created this by op-shopping my frame and painting it white.

Perhaps I was being overly obsessive about my wedding signage... but I absolutely think it is crucial to have signage that reflects your personality. The fun thing about these signage is, it could be the creative (and DIY) aspect of your wedding as you can actually do them way before the wedding, hence less stress. It is a fantastic way to get the bridesmaids and even guests involved!

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