Monday, May 7, 2007

You'd know I'm stressed when...

... I trolled on ebay and buy buy buy~! ;;^^ I think I've bought party dresses to last me a lifetime...or at least for a couple of parties...haha...

Anyway, I didn't buy these two garments...I doubt very much at the end of the auctions I'll be able to afford these...;;^^ But they are so pretty and all for a good cause! The proceeds go to Unicef.


  1. hey r u working on friday ? there is a slight prob with the cardi.. the 1x1 ribbing makes the whole area very small and not very stretchy.. i dunno if it can fit u anymore.. arghh..

  2. oh okok...

    i'll be on on Friday 2-6. :)

    see you then? if you can...:)

    Thanks Shanwen!!!

  3. ok i will pop in after work.. aorund 4.30 see ya


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