Sunday, June 10, 2007

Buttons buttons buttons!!!

Went to the button sales with Shanwen and got heaps of buttons for my stash. I did go over budget with it but some of the buttons are really worth it! ^^

Going to Gold Coast tonight and will be away till the 14th. Excited but I hope those people I'm going with are not going to drink so much. I'd rather shop and take in the sights than get drunk...;;^^


  1. yeah ! those buttons totally rock ! haha.. i have yet to post them .. gosh.. how was your trip?

  2. Hi there, its melita - I really like all your scarves especially the bow tie one - I have this feeling I am going to knit one really soon - dont ask me why I'm going to Malaysia really soon to live - I really have to revamp my knitting options to summery ones.

  3. Hi Melita!

    So glad to hear from you! ^^

    I'll link your blog up to mine... ^^


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