Friday, June 22, 2007

Easy Recipes!

This posting is inspired by one conversation I had with Shanwen about easy cooking...^^

First, let me present Unagi Don homestyle! Don't pay $12 or even $11 for this great tasting dish. Just buy a pack of frozen unagi from those Asian grocery stores (for about $9) and you can actually cook two sets of Unagi Don with this. I was just being hungry when I did this and finished off the whole pack...hehehe... Top it off with a sprinkle of dried sea-weed and sesame seeds garnish.

Next is Karaage Chicken (Jennifer's style!). This one the recipe is purely made up with initial tips from my parents haha... The chicken has been seasoned with salt, pepper & garlic powder. Then it is tossed in cornflour (dry! not mixed with water or egg) seasoned with salt and pepper. Then deep fried and presented on a bed of rice. Topped off with Tonkatsu sauce and wasabi mayonaise, sprinkled with dried sea-weed and sesame garnish.

I know I cooked mostly Japanese influenced cooking, but I guess they are usually easy to do...;;^^ also haha...just realised that me working on a restaurant's menu as a freelance job before actually paid off with the way I described my own cooking!

And oh oh oh...serve these with Japanese green tea that you can buy for about $2.50 per pack at Asian grocery stores.

Economic, simple and nice! ^^


  1. I think you've solved my 'what to cook for dinner tonight'! They do look really yummy!

  2. yum.. i will try the Unagi soon.. thank for the great meal tips.. I am so running out of ideas to cook, this cold is still bad, i may pop in today for yarns, but still waiting for bf to get ready


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