Monday, July 16, 2007

Tony's scarf & Sophie \^^/

I've decided to attempt another scarf for Tony since Melbourne is so cold. This time I asked for his opinion before I progressed further just in case it will end up being a scarf that he won't wear *rolls eyes*

But this time I got the approval so this project will go on! ^^

On another note, I made this ages ago, knitting as a jewellery item. I made Sophie and decided to do more of something like this to sell on Simply Made. I've also obviously made some decisions about Simply Made as not just a selling blog, but also a showcase of jewellery ideas I've made. ^^ It will be good for someone like me who's bad at keeping records...;;^^


  1. hello darling, that scarf is looking GOOD ! i hope he wears it :)

  2. Haha...I hope so... lol
    I can always go on strike again...haha

  3. You are soo creative - I just love visiting your site!

  4. Hi Melita!

    LOL thanks so much!!!! ^^

    Are u still in melb?? Would love to see you again! ^^

  5. Not yet - still in Melbourne until November when my sis gets married. I went to Wool baa actually yesterday morning - but I think I'll go again today- my mum wants a sweater now. Any excuse is a good excuse.

  6. Hi Melita! LOL I was working today... but maybe I must have missed you since I only start at 2...:P
    anyway do come by...for any reason. lol


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