Tuesday, July 24, 2007

yum yum yum yum yum!!!!!!

I've discovered this really nice Korean supermarket with the best range of food. So I decided to buy 600g of their bulgogi beef and a bottle of bulgogi sauce and cooked this for dinner! ^^ The taste was really good....not that I'm praising my own cooking...lol. Price-wise is even better.... less than $12.00, enough for 2 people and more!


On the knitting side, I pulled out the previous scarf and is now knitting it on a 7mm needles...we'll see how it's going. ^^

Shanwen's internet connection is still down... :(

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  1. Hi there Jennifer
    I think 2 part time job is equivalent to a full time job - I will be happy! Especially working at Wool Baa! I know I can't work there as ALL and I mean all my wages would go to buying yarn - my poor kids would starve:)
    I love the ring - good choice in keeping them - I know the feeling I can't part with any of my 10 million hand knitted scarves!


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