Monday, October 22, 2007

No new project to show...

I've been quite busy recently with data entry tasks for my research assistant job. So I haven't had the time to actually do any any knitting. On the personal side, I've finished re-working on my brother's site, so now it's back up! Just working out the little kinks now... :P

However, just because I couldn't knit doesn't mean I couldn't talk about knitting! I got this most amazing book from Debbie Bliss, The Pure Cashmere Collection. The patterns are just divine! Great accessories with a lot of potentials to play around. Also includes simple garments that I can do. I'm simply excited! ^^

Also, it is confirmed that my next project will be the Tilted Duster as inspired by Shanwen's entry about it. Yarns? Checked! Needles? Checked! Mental preparation? Checked!!! With my speed of knitting I'm pretty confident if I start now, I can finish it by next winter. ^^


  1. that debbie bliss book looks really interesting.. i am going to get my yarns, then we can start the tilted duster knitalong !! hopefully i can be as mentally prepared as you as i was in a string of knitting mishaps lately.. argh

  2. Hey that pure cashmere book looks great - let me know what you are planning to do - I might get inspired!


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