Wednesday, October 3, 2007

of food & summer knitting ideas

Continuing my food blogging... ^^ Tonight's menu is Chicken Baked Rice. I've done this recipe for many times now and my mum helped me come up with the original one ages ago... But I've decided to improve on the presentation by garnishing it with the parsley that Shanwen had suggested I put into my pasta.

This is it, full view and presented. ^^ BTW I'm working on putting some of recipes together in a little book... I mean a book for myself. ^^ But that means that I'll be putting some of them online on PDF format when I can. However, my style of cooking is anything goes... I'm the type of cook who rarely measures anything... ;;^^ So chances are my recipe would not have much measurements... everything is kind of done to taste.

On the knitting front, I'm thinking of a summer project... I have this nice silk yarn. I guess it's going to be another scarf... But I'm hoping to merge the jewellery making technique with this one... hope it'll work! ^^

BTW Melita, when you asked me the vest I was confused... lol I was talking about my supposedly quick knit vest. ;;^^ But later I realised you were talking about the vest I borrowed from you...haha. Sure I'll bring it down to Wool Baa when you are coming down. Please let me know in advance. ^^


  1. I always get hungry when I visit your blog! That chicken does look yummy. I will try to visit you tomorrow at Wool Baa or Saturday is that ok or is it too late?

  2. yumm.. i want that baked chicken rice recipe. i love anything that can be cook in 1 pot ! easy washing.. as well as anything that looks cheesy... drooolllll.......


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