Thursday, February 12, 2009

Photowalk - 7th February 2009

I went on a photowalk trip around Melbourne city on the 7th Feb 2009. It was a hot 43 deg, but I thought I should go on as I've already planned my day and I had some other things to do in the city anyway.

What made it all really interesting was the sights of Melbourne I had never seen before, of course, the people I met were great too and I picked up some photography tips too. :)

To see the whole set of photos, click here.

I will be posting stuff about my knitting night soon...meanwhile enjoy the photos! ^^


In the spirit of the upcoming Valentine's Day... and inspired by Shanwen's post, here's my take on the perfect Valentine's outfit. Simple, chic, casual with a touch of colour. ^^

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day - by nyaan on

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