Monday, July 26, 2010

A gallery of Hana's

Hana was one of my most popular collection. The pieces in this range are custom-made. The client get to choose which flower and I work with the basic flower to create the pieces. I've just realised that I've done a couple of this theme and I've named them differently. I just never really told anyone what I call each piece, so I thought I'd take this moment to highlight each Hana.

1. Hana Brooch - The first piece in the Hana collection.

2. Luxe Hana - This second piece is adorned with semi-precious stones, the Rose Quartz.
3. Purple Crystal Hana - Although the flower is similar to that of the first Hana brooch, this piece is finished off with a simple purple heart crystal.
4. Vintage Hana - The highlight of this piece is the vintage button. 
5. Avant Garde Hana - This piece has a 'tighter' design in comparison to the other Hana's. I wanted it to be very simple but with impact. The line work with the wiring is a bit more artistic and the colours very minimalistic.


  1. This is so beautiful, I love all the colours & how the mix together. x

  2. hey jen,
    let me know when you are free, i would like you to create some lovely brooches for me. pretty please..
    these flowers are staring blank at my face.
    i love the luxe hana style brooch .

    giraffe cafe date next week ??

  3. Hey Shanwen, yeah a Giraffe date sounds good. :) Let me know when is good for you. :)

  4. thurs or fri this week ?
    or anyday next week.. i will bring my flowers for you =)
    thank you so much


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