Saturday, July 10, 2010

I love Tea Parties!

I was really excited on Friday morning when the postman came. A couple of weeks ago, while farming on farmville (I am a farmville addict...yes), I saw an ad by Twinings looking for people to host tea parties. Anyway I thought since I do enjoy Twinings tea why not try for it? I was extremely excited when told that I qualify and will be receiving my tea sampler pack in a Twinings tea chest! So when it finally arrived, I was extremely happy and excited to plan my tea party.

I've decided to have my first one as a Knitting Morning Tea Party which was a similar activity to a knitting get together that I did before. The girls invited will bring their knitting, try tea, have cookies and cakes. The perfect activity for a winter morning.

What type of tea parties do you love? What type of tea party would you organise? ^^


  1. ooh lovely..
    i think a traditional tea party is just perfect with cookies and cakes =)

    and there is chai!
    can i have chai tea please ? haha

  2. In the sampler there is no Chai tea... but if you managed to make it, you can discover the other flavours they've sent to me. ^^ I've purposely not show the photos of the sampler so you ladies can discover them during our knitting morning tea session. ^^

  3. Ooh, I'm SO looking forward to the tea party Jen! I've never been to a tea party before, hehe... but anything involving girls getting together over tea and cookies and knitting has got to be good! I'm curious to see what types of tea are in there. It looks like a pretty big box ^_^


  4. me too. i actually have never been to one too.. i guess it is fun.. like stitch and bitch..
    btw.. i think there is english breakfast, camomile and earl gray ??

    i blogged !! hurray.. after like 6 months=)

  5. haha...shanwen... no chamomile... lol you have to keep guessing... haha... it's 6 flavours... but it's only revealable on the day! :)

    I'm so excited to have you girls come over too! ^^ I'll send a proper invite tomorrow or guess what I'll be doing in uni...*blush*

    ah well... anything for a tea party!!! ^^


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