Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wall Decor

Last Saturday I went to the craft fair with the girls and picked up some lovely fabrics and ribbons. Then, I thought to myself what can I use them for? I remembered I bought this lovely green vintage-type of frame from Typo. So I thought why not make a wall decor out of them? I proceeded to get more frames. I used different fabrics that I already had and also some of the fabrics I got from the craft fair. With the ribbons, I decided to arrange them as stripes. I hung these cute fabric collage in frames on my room wall. I feel really inspired and happy whenever I look at them!


  1. you are so darn creative! love love love.
    I'm inspired!

  2. you are so clever, jenstar!
    i love your new wall hangings made from fabric (esp the teacups one). ^__^

  3. oh my , such a good idea. you are a genius jen ! check out what i did with my loot ! LOL

  4. I saw those vintage frames at Typo! They're gorgeous - what a fab idea to use your fabric you bought! It's so pretty! :D

    I bought these wooden symbols decoration for my room from Typo the heart, bird & "&" symbols it's so cute! :)


  5. Thanks ladies! ^^

    The fabrics I got compliment the frames I think...:)

    Ooohhh...I love those letters symbols they have at Typo. I think Typo is definitely one of my favourite stores! ^^


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