Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Real life intruding...

I haven't been blogging much as real life has intruded into my design life. :( I had to clean up my room the other day and I've become very good at "hiding" unsightly things behind pretty fabrics. As seen in the photo above.

How do you hide your mess? I would like to hear ideas on keeping work room clean! ^^


  1. How about those cute print boxes ?
    Going to ikea helps too.
    hiding behind fabrics looks pretty neat too.
    anyway, are u almost done with the cleaning overhaul ?

    have u seen my polyvore spread for you? it is created for you =)

  2. The ME.U deco's are just gorgeous! I haven't really been blogging either! Been so busy with life (I guess that's also a good thing!) :)

    I'm hoping to go to the Fitzroy markets tomorrow with my little cousin! eep! I've always wanted to go! eep! hope to see you & Anna there! x


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