Thursday, November 25, 2010

All scattered about...

Scattered - Copyright 2006 - jmh (me.u)
... would be how I described my path in my career. I started off being a textile designer but with serendipity at play, I'm now doing my post-grad in a completely different field. Obviously though the passion for pretty designs is still in my life, hence the inception of me.u (and all that other shopping obsessions). 

Going back to my roots as a textile designer (that 4 year degree should be worth something!), I'm happy to announce that I will be launching my own textile collection...yay~!

Once everything comes into place, I'll update you again. Meanwhile do stay tune! ^^

PS. The me.u facebook page has reached 100 likes... a give-away is coming soon to commemorate this exciting event. Again, keep a look out for it! ^^

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