Friday, June 3, 2011

Shopping Finds - Cute stationery & coffee (or rather for tea) cup

I was in Melbourne Central the other day and noticed in front of soon-to-be closed down Borders, there were a couple of mini stalls. One of them was selling these really cute mugs, ceramic cups and stationery. I picked up these cute pouches and how cute is it that the packaging is an envelope?

I also picked up a ceramic coffee (in my case for tea) cup. I was told by the person at the shop that the cup depicting the Eiffel Tower was the most popular. I was not surprised though given how Paris or images of Paris seemed to be the trend nowadays....

But to be different, I got a cup depicting Saint Basil's Cathedral of Moscow. I also picked it because it is more colourful. As you know I like colours. :) Not that I've been there...but since my postgraduate research touches upon TRIZ (a problem solving tool) which is from Russia, I thought it was pretty apt!

From me to u.

1 comment:

  1. amazing mug! it's true that eiffel tower (and may I add Big Ben) seems to be a popular pattern nowadays!but I like the one you got!


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