Thursday, July 21, 2011

Textile by me.u

Branching out in Blue printed on linen-cotton canvas.
Branching out available in blue, coral and black.
Dashing away!, available in red and yellow. Printed on quilting weight.
All these dots! available in red and green, printed on quilting weight.
Branching out in coral printed on organic cotton knit, and Dashing away! in yellow.
I am really excited about my own range of textiles that can purchased via Spoonflower. A little bit of history as to why this is very exciting for me. I actually graduated with BA in Textile Designs (before I digressed to business, now science hah!), and I used to freelance while working at an ice-cream store then a yarn shop after I graduated. As much joy as I got from freelancing a couple of years back, I was more interested in producing my own stuff (which led me to my business degree) so I'm really excited that a platform such as Spoonflower is enabling my dream of having my own textile range.  So here it is!

Textile by me.u is available via Spoonflower here.

from me to u.

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