Saturday, August 6, 2011


So of course as I had mentioned, I'm addicted to Pinterest. One of the joys of pining is finding and pining delightful quotes. I'm not sure if anyone else has done this, but this is actually one of my favourite quotes from Oscar Wilde. I've decided to create my own version of a print of this quote so I can pin it onto my Inspirational Quotes pinboard.

What are some of your favourite quotes?

from me to u.


  1. Jen, I find this quote very insightful, as it is often the case with the Great Wilde, I also love the design, your choice of typography and elements that do not detract from the words but instead frame them beautifully!

  2. Thank you Paulina! It is often that we choose to live the way we want to live... but this quote certainly indicates that we are not being selfish. It is only when we start expecting others to live their lives the way we want, then we are truly selfish.

    I cannot wait to make little posters of my favourite quotes.... :) It is worthwhile to look at them once in a while to remind ourselves of what we value! :)


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