Thursday, October 27, 2011

Catching up at 1000£ Bend

About 2 weeks ago, my friends and I caught up at the lovely 1000£ Bend for brunch. I must admit, it was the first time I was there and it was such a delightful place to catch up with friends. Brunch was lovely with a pretty extensive menu. I had the salmon ontop of mash potato on salad accompanied by Earl Grey tea (my favourite!).

Lovely Paulina was also wearing one of my necklaces! She's wearing Beetlebug!
Overall, it was a fantastic catch-up and I might have found a new favourite place for brunch. And who doesn't love the great idea of using old records as table numbers?

from me to u.

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  1. To all of you who as myself are very fortunate to know talented Jen.
    Here's the tale of Lady Bug who once upon a time flew to my neck!
    My brother met Jennifer before I did. Brother and I were living in different cities at the time. He got me the 'Beetlebug' necklace as a present. I was delighted with it..still am. Lady Bug and I became well aquainted ever since...Time after, I met the wonderful artist who gave it life!

    Thank you Jennifer, it was indeed a fantastic catch up!


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