Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mix and match

 Even no matter how busy I am, I have to eat... LOL So the other day while waiting for my take-away lunch from one of my favourite Korean restaurant (Darac), I snapped this photo. I thought it is so interesting the effect of mismatched chairs had and the sense of whimsy that it had added to the decor of this place.

It made me think, who said a table chair setting had to match anyway? Or even anything else in life? 

from me to u.

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  1. Hi Jen! I just stopped by to share two links with you that I thought you might find interesting. I am so surprised to see that you've been posting recently - as none of your posts for the past month or two have made it to my rss feed :(
    Anyway, here is a link on folk tales and printing
    and one on stitch by stitch
    in case you haven't seen them.
    Hope your dissertation's going well!


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