Thursday, July 20, 2006


Well, everything has a beginning and this blog began when I was asked by my new friend, Shanwen if I have a knitting blog. I saw what she has done and was inpired to do the same. ^^

My very first featured project will be Ava-Recreated as Shanwen was asking me about this. ^^ Ava is a pattern from Rowan's A Ribbon Twist Collection.

Instead of using the Ribbon Twist yarn, I've used 3 ends of Zara which actually came from another project. I knitted another Rowan pattern and it didn't turn out as I expected (it was huge despite it being the smallest size :P). I unravelled it and re-knitted it into Ava. As I was technically using "scrap" yarns, I had little knots where the yarns were joined when I knitted so I have to wear it with the stocking stitch showing on the outside.

Then to add a little special quirky touch, I've added a little embellished felted motif. This was inspired by Wool Baa who just got the Clover Felting Kit in stock. ^^ I wanted to try it out and just perfectly I've just finished my poncho.

This is a picture of Ava (front) and below is Ava (back).

I think I've used about 6 balls of Zara in charcoal. I might make a mistake with the quantities due to it originally being a re-used yarn.

Just an added interesting fact about the Zara's surprisingly quite a good wearing yarn. After knitting my first garment, I threw it into the washing machine and dryer to see if it'll shrink. It didn't...then I unravelled it and re-knitted it. It worked out quite well for the poncho and for sure Zara is my favourite yarn! ^^


  1. WOnderful ! a blog at last. Ava looks great, i am gonna knit 1 soon. :)

  2. oh I love the poncho! I must look for that pattern and the way you've finished it looks great!

  3. The poncho looks wonderful, I love the flower on the back!


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