Friday, August 4, 2006

I wanted a white scarf....

Finally! I actually finished a knitting project since uni has started... >_<

I wanted a white/creamy scarf, in a pretty chunky yarn in a pretty lose knit. I can't believe I'm so detailed with my requirements this time since I just do things for the heck of it...;;^^

But anyway, my new white scarf is done with 3 ends of an 8 ply yarn (yay~! Zara~!), on a 20mm needles in moss stitch. Easy! Took me only a few hours.

Actually started experimenting with a 12mm needles and a basketweave pattern...only I didn't like it being to tight and close...then went on to 15mm with a made up rib pattern. I just wanted to see what type of rib/pattern would come out if I experimented. Unfortunately though the stitch was interesting, it wasn't what I wanted.

So finally decided on a 20mm and moss stitch to keep it reasonably steady (ie. won't droop too much). I like it. ^^

I really need to finish my hand warmer next...before I run out of winter. :P

1 comment:

  1. That scarf is gorgeous. Chunky knits are wonderfully fast to complete:) You better hurry up with your wristwarmers:P


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