Monday, April 2, 2007


After many frustrating days with internet connection that froze from time to time, I'm finally back online. >.<

Anyway, Wool Baa had so many new yarns and books that I'm very much inspired to do some new projects other than scarves (or at least different designs of scarves). To start off, I did this Jo Sharp Reversable beanie from Knit Issue 3. Though tagged as suitable for intermediate knitters, I reckon it's good for beginners too. Best of all I completed it in one night! However, I personally do not think it is actually reversable. I mean it's got be joined by a seam. Unless one is a really neat sewer then the seam is visible if worn the other way. I think if it is to be worn in reverse, it needs to be knitted in circular form. Despite this, I think even if worn one way it's absolutely funky~! ^^

(umm...this is a picture of me...)

I've had a very trying week, so I am knitting with vengence to de-stress (April...I need my comics!!). Expect a couple of new projects. Here's a hint for the next's a scarf, it's cashmere, it's merino's a Lisa Harding yarn!!!


  1. Gosh Jen! thanks for your advice. I am much better now. I love you beanie, you are such an elf:) By the way, i dropped by wool baa on sunday to get another ball of zara and had a chat with leonie. Can't wait to see your new scarf. Good to see you blog again.

  2. okok.. will get tehm all together and send them.. just renovated the room.. so I have to dig for the books that I've bought for you...


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