Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Keeping Kitty Kat Warm

J bought this cup for Wool Baa as I had knitted a cup warmer and actually left behind my own cup at Wool Baa for display. When she got this, I took back my cup and the initial cup warmer (which was pretty crappy I think, in fact a customer once mentioned it was until she asked me who did that and I told her I did... hehehe).

Anyhoo, she bought this lovely cup with a kitty cat on it. I decided to re-knit the cup warmer with improved pattern and using the Clover felting kit, added a ball of running yarn. Unexpectedly as I ran and felted the yarn, I created a word that looked like "one".

Will be writing the pattern up and bringing it to Wool Baa for display on Friday. :)


  1. haha.. that gave me an idea to bring my own mug to work.
    please post the pattern soon k

  2. I won't be posting up the pattern cause I will be giving it to Wool but I'll send you one if you want...haha ^^


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