Saturday, June 30, 2007

Before & After

Wow...this is a record in my blogging history. I'm actually blogging almost everyday!!!

Anyway, I have been thinking about this project since ages ago. I knitted this teal mini shrug last year. I adapted the pattern from a raglan sleeve top I got from one of my Japanese pattern books. However, when I did this I did not think about the curling that I would get when I knitted everything without a border. Also, I had no clue how to pick up stitches. Hence, I ended up with with a somewhat cute top (IMHO) with collars that are messed up (so I folded it down when wearing it) and bottoms that would not stop curling. I finished it off with a ribbon tie which I do adore. ^^

Time passed and I eventually did end up learning how to pick stitches up. ;;^^ And recently I acquired a pair of fingerless gloves from Mimco. This pair of gloves are lovely but I thought the buttons are horrendous, being placed where they are.

Today while bitten by the knitting bug and a bit reluctant to start anything new and not in the mood to continue what I'm doing so far, I decided to re-work my teal shrug!!! ^^ First I picked up the stitches at the bottom and added a 2 by 2 rib edging. Then, I decided to stick the two giant buttons that seemed to misplaced on the Mimco gloves onto my shrug to cover the horrible mistakes I've made when knitting the collar.

And here is the result!!! ^^ The photo was taken on a rainy, cloudy it looked a bit dark... :(

I absolutely adore it now!!! The buttons really did find their rightful place... ^^.


  1. Hey I really like that shrug! Lovely colour and design too. Can I ask what yarn is that and is that knitted double? I love the big buttons too and ribbon - so cute and trendy.

  2. gosh, it is sooo cute! can't believe that you whip that up so quickly, by the way, i have finish your cardi !!!!!! gonna post tmr

  3. Hi Melita!

    The yarn is Jo Sharp DK and it is knitted double. :) quick to knit on an 8mm needles! ^^

    Thanks Shanwen!!! ^^

    So excited to see it!!! ^^
    I didn't whip it up It took me days to finish it. But now I'm going to knit another one in Zarina (3 ends)...wish me luck! ^^


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