Monday, July 2, 2007

Now that I've finished studying...

I decided to clean my room! ^^

Ok, to be honest I was kind of forced to clean my room as my clothes are over-flowing from my tiny closet. :( Yesterday, after wanting to do this for so long, I went to Freedom and got myself one of those movable rack thingie. ^^ My boyfriend put it together for me and I decided to clean my room first before using it. ^^ So here's my not-so-messy room:

Notice all the books under the beds?? lol and my yarn stash is also in one of the boxes at the foot of the bed. ^^

Here's my new clothing rack with some usage! ^^

And my boyfriend got these for me on Saturday... which I think makes the whole clean room nice. ^^

I moved some of my books and stuff to the other room where I housed all my other books etc... But tomorrow will be cleaning up that room and a bit of the corridor since I left a mess...;;^^


On the knitting front, I've just finished a beanie for my friend. I'm thinking of writing the pattern and submitting it to Knitty...;;^^ So I won't post the photo just yet...;;^^

But, I have been interested in getting this knitting book:

Have any of you seen it or got it? Is it worth it?


  1. that book is basically for beginners i think, saw it at dymocks.. wow, you are so active on the knitting & domestic front! great!

  2. Nice room-looks so comfy.Good to see you are organised. Not sure about the book though havent seen it yet.

  3. I just realised I can be active on the domestic front if I put my mind (or rather...body to My mum would have been proud. :)

    Hmm...I think I'd get that book eventually... just not sure when, since I have so many projects planned!!! ^^


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