Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New beginnings to a more financially savvy me....

Well, I've decided now that I've finished my studies, I should really work hard to be more financially independent from my parents. I'm ecstatic of course about my new employment as a research assistant and I thought from that job and the one from Wool Baa, I could start saving. Have a real savings account that will grow and grow....

Despite having the business background (officially now), I tend to be a bit weak on the financial side of things especially on my own finances... :P So I decided to purchase a book that will help me to get started. ^^

Here's what I got:

But then..... I also got these on the way...;;^^

Well, so much for saving money... I guess I can always knit my own garments. ;;^^


  1. Gosh Jen ! So many books, i hope they are good investments.. god, what was i thinking ?? knitting books are always good investments! Time to be frugal & knit our own garments or buy good jackets that will last thru the years, in style of course..

  2. That book looks cool, does it help ? i think i need help controlling my finances too...

  3. hahaha....

    the book is good so far...:)

    I like it...easy to read and so many erm...ideas...;;^^

    But yeah I think the knitting books are nice...esp. The Classic knits!!! ^^ I'll bring it for you and show you when we meet next...:)

  4. You guys are sooo funny! I love all those books Jennifer! You know what I havent been blogging nor read any blogs this week but man I am stunned! I am actually knitting the same vest from hurry knits for my mom!!!! Can you believe the coincidence? I cant wait to see how yours turn up!

  5. Actually I forgot to tell you that I'm a financial planner - so if you want help just ask okay - I'm willing to give free advice! Email me.

  6. Hi Melita! ^^

    Thank you so much for the offer!!! I'll be sure to ask you stuff soon...:) I need to get my first full time job first though...;;^^ Wish me luck!!! ^^


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