Sunday, August 5, 2007

More knitting books entry....

Before you gasp and accuse me of not sticking to the err...financially savvy me... I have to declare I have not bought these books YET. LOL although I think they are really interesting and are probably worth it...;;^^

Some are crochet-based but I think these would be a nice addition to any knitting library... ^^


  1. i love japanese craft books too.. let's save up & go kinokuniya in syd !!

  2. Wow those looks like really nice books. Where do you order them from? How do you read the instructions?

  3. Hi Melita!

    Usually I get my Japanese knitting books from They offer free mailing to orders above US$50. I n terms of pricing, they are also ok. Sometimes even cheaper than Kinokuniya...;;^^

    Ou...and sometimes in they have promotions like if you order something, you'd get $5 vouchers etc...

    On reading them, Japanese patterns tend to be done on graphs. This is also a handy link to have:

    Also erm...actually I read Japanese...;;^^ I studied Japanese for 3 years in a Japanese language school when I was doing my undergraduate studies...;;^^


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