Saturday, September 15, 2007

I took a photography course!

(This is taken with my mobile phone! ^^)

Well, I took it more cause my friend is the one conducting it. I've learnt quite a bit from it. ^^ I've also been interested in photography but just more of a hobby thing. But I guess what I like most about photography is capturing that special moments. I used to remember when everyone went digital, I still used film photography and even after ending up with 6 rolls of film, I continued to defend my choice. I used to say to my friends, if digital it's deletable, but when it's film, you can capture the true moments.

(This is also taken with my mobile phone! Got to love my LG Chocolate~ ^^)

But anyway now I've gone digital. lol But I guess one day I would like to be able to buy an SLR camera...;;^^ My friend let me use his, and boy was it great!!!

Anyway, to find out more about what my friend does visit his website at:

Or you can visit my older brother's website at:
(It's down at the moment due to issues with Globat hosting it...:P, try visiting it on a later date... :P)


  1. are those birds really pink - it looks so nice , can't believe it from a mobile phone.

  2. haha.. i used to lugged heavy tripods & SLR cameras around and buying slides for film during my uni days..haha.. good old photography course.. But i don't miss it.. i love digital cameras but you are right abt film... you capture that moment forever..:)

  3. Hi Melita & Shanwen,

    Those birds are indeed pink. They are pink plastic birds and was part of the winter art installation in front of the Westin Hotel on Swanston St...I'm not sure if they are still there tho...:)

    Hey Shanwen, maybe you can advice as to what good cameras I may be able to get! Nothing too expensive tho...afterall I still haven't found a full-time job! ;;^^


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