Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Massive knitting entry (well...at least I do think it's massive..;;^^)

I woke up early, just in time to catch the postman this morning and this arrived from Yesasia.com! ^^ From the books, I could see a couple of projects I'm interested in. Particularly I'm very much inspired to do a pair of room shoes from the Room Shoes book. The I'm Knitting book, the designs are more contemporary and a bit different and more special, which I'm excited about. ^^ And the for the men's book, I think maybe my bf would appreciate some of it...;;^^

Talking about bf, this is what I've finished for him today!

This scarf is a mix of machine-knitting and hand-knitting. I've machine knitted this in double rib pattern, then and accident occurred when I was casting it off! I dropped a stitch and it unraveled... since I've knitted quite substantially, I was reluctant to bin it. :P So I decided to be creative and picked up the stitches and hand-knit it. Then I added buttons to create a mock-up look. Not liking the imbalance created, I picked up the other side as well and knitted it in basket-weave pattern, using some left-over Opal Sock yarn. My bf likes it, and I quite like the patchy effect too... ^^ So...erm...success!!! \^^/

I have this left-over yarns from a previous project. It's 2x 50g balls, and 2x used 50g balls. The used ones are only used VERY slightly... :P I don't really know what to do with these. I can't return them to Wool Baa cause this is a colour that we've ran out of since Jo Sharp doesn't have it either... Is anyone interested in doing a stash trade or something? ;;^^ It's definitely enough to do a scarf... Anyway if no one wants them, maybe I'll sell them on ebay... :P


  1. I like the collection of Japanese craft books - how do you read it?
    I'm still finding alternatives for my Zara yarns that I bought for the Hurry Knit vest which I'm not going to knit again as its not really flattering, hows your vest looking?

  2. lovely ! can i get a sneak peak into those yummy japanese books, they are always soo inspiring!
    congrats on finishing your bf's scarf.. it means a great deal when he actually likes the end product:)


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