Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's a Classic!

It's finished!!! ^^ I knitted this pattern out of the Classic book by Erica Knight, part of the Rowan Collection. ^^ However, instead of using Big Wool, I've used 3 ends of Zara knitted together. Total number of balls required? 6 balls of Zara, but it still worked out cheaper for me...and best of all, I get to pick the colour that I want. ^^ This was easy to knit, and quick too. And it fits! ^^ I've tried it on. hehehe...and here's the styling that I would go for when wearing this vest... ^^

I am absolutely happy about this, as this is the very first time I knitted an actual garment, finished it and loved it! ^^


  1. Its beautiful - I love it! Its soo Cool - Tres glam! Well done.

  2. BTW today I went to the most rudest wool shop ever!! Will tell you all about it when I see you next.

  3. Thanks Melita! :) Maybe you can try doing this for your Zara yarns... I'm going to do one for my mum in the amethyst colour, and I'm thinking of reducing the length of the ribs... :)

    For the Japanese books, I actually do read a bit of Japanese cause I learnt quite a bit. I went to a Japanese language school too when I was in uni doing my undergrad. ^^ But the thing about Japanese patterns, most of it is graph knitting.... so it's easy. ^^

    LOL I'd love to hear about that wool shop... hahaha... I'm working on Fridays (11-2pm) and Sat (3-11pm) now... ^^ so come in then!!! ^^

  4. beautiful vest jen ! you are such a fast knitter! speedy gonzales !!
    now you can wear it to work :)


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