Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A little bit about food...

My parents are wonderful cooks though I used to have doubt about my cooking talents. I mean when I have wonderful food cooked for me, I certainly find it easier to eat rather than cook. Hence, when my parents are not around, I just do the easiest thing which was go out and eat! ^^ But recently, after finishing university and realising that I do need to find a full time job, the importance of being economical hits home and I've been cooking. It also certainly helps when my bf prefers to eat home cooked food...;;^^ Anyhoo, just like what my mum said...cooking is easy, but you need to have the interest to do it. ^^ My mum also always said beautifully presented food always taste good...so ta dah!!!! ^^

This was on Monday's dinner menu. Chicken Congee garnished with fried onions. I am quite proud of this recipe. I found out the secret to the taste and fragrance is in the initial garlic, onion, ginger and spring onion, and the eventual chicken stock. This is the first time my congee is actually flavourful! ^^

Then on to Tuesday's menu... Spaghetti cooked in Alfredo Sauce with roast chicken ham and mushrooms. I got a bit creative with the presentation as I'm watching a Japanese drama that showcases food a lot...;;^^ So got inspired. ;;^^ Shanwen, you are right about the herbs... I added a sprinkle of parsley and the flavour is deeper than what I had done before. The tomatoes also added a lovely tangy but fresh flavour to the food. ^^

All in all, I'm quite proud of myself... I'll definitely try and cook this for my parents when they are in Melbourne again and see what is the verdict... ^^


  1. yummy.. i love chicken congee, i am glad you tried the parsley approach.
    i think your mom is right about cooking, sometimes you need to be inspired to cook.. try visiting food blog for starters. it works for me :)

  2. yes I agree that certainly looks nice. I once stumbled on a local blog featuring best food places in Malaysia - needless to say I had many ideas and cravings!


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