Monday, November 26, 2007

As if I need more buttons....

but yep. Each time there is a button sale, you can bet that I'll be there. Though I did pick up some really cool buttons. ^^

This would be a rather longish entry... at least many photos and information to share. So please bear with me. ^^

So I took a break with Juliet II and produced this! This scarf has been knitted with Karabella - Aurora Melange in shade 18. As usual, I knitted this scarf on a 15mm needles with 3 strands at the same time. This piece is actually knitted for mum whom I think always look lovely with a dash of amethyst colour. She'll be arriving for my graduation so I'll keep you posted if she likes it or not...haha

Hopefully this scarf will tantalise my knitting mojo so I can finish Juliet II...though I have this sudden urge to knit more scarves. In summer..d'oh!

Also, being quite productive produced 3 jewellery designs. Well, actually 2 are pressies for people and they've been made with the people in mind. One features a long necklace with a filigree detail to suit my friend, Evelyn while the other one is deliberately kept simple as Chia (my other friend) seemed to like more simple accessories. ^^ Well, the third...umm it's mine. My own piece was made short, almost like a choker. I was playing around with wires and some of my buttons and I saw this choker/necklace idea from a Taiwanese drama I was watching. So the design kind of evolved from there.

For Evie

For Chia

For myself

I didn't post them at my jewellery site as I'm trying to keep new things until the new site is up. But I had so much fun doing them that I couldn't wait but to share them...;;^^

Also, have posted new links for yarns or book purchases. ^^ One courtesy of Melita and one courtesy of a customer. For great yarns you can get some from Webs, while Book Depository offers FREE International mailing! So these two sites are great resources for any knitters! ^^

Ok, that is enough from me... lol you can stop reading now. ^^


  1. lovely scarf for your mom, i hope she likes it.. :)

  2. Hi Jenifer! I'm finally back in the land of the blog altho I havent had time to blog properly. Hey where did you get the karabella melange - it looks really good! I also like the necklaces especially the 1st one.


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