Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I love Kris Kringles!

Not that I love receiving presents (though who wouldn't) but I also love making my presents or even going through the whole present finding process makes me happy...;;^^

Anyway, this year I have 2 Kris Kringles with 2 groups of friends so I decided to use up my stash. This scarf may look "strange" when rolled up... almost boxy isn't it?

Well, it is! ^^ This scarf has been knitted with 3 ends of 8 Ply on 12mm needles, with a pattern adapted from Lynne Barr's Knitting New Scarves. If you have to get a scarf book, I wouldn't give this book a miss. I picked it up by accident. It was located right at the top shelf of a local Borders store. Those who know me personally would have known I am vertically challenged and could have completely missed the book. But out of curiosity to see what is on the top shelf, got a stool and grabbed this, browsed it and I was sold! I love the designs for the sheer creativity and best of all, the scarves are actually not that hard to make and they are adaptable as shown on this featured scarf.

Anyway, I hope whoever gets this scarf would be happy... ^^


  1. Hey I love the clever design! Now I'm curious about the book - haha not that I'll be wearing it here! I'm soo excited about my S'pore visit - esp looking at some japanese crafty books. Any recommendation?

  2. lovely colour jen ! have you finish your juliet yet ?


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