Thursday, January 24, 2008

Finally, one project finished!!! (Dad's Scarf)

Forgive the grainy photo, but I did try to catch the details to this scarf knitted using 15mm needles with Zara Col. 1468. ^^ This scarf is my dad's Christmas present... at which point during Christmas I presented to him still in yarn format. ;;^^ But anyway, it's done now and hope my dad will get to get at least 1 wear out of it during winter... for some reason I found the males in my life don't really wear scarves. Except for my older brother who lives in tropical Singapore. Go figure. :P


3 ends of Zara Col. 1468
A pair of 15mm needles
Darning in needles

How To:
Cast on 10 stitches.
1st row: *K2, P1, repeat from * till last stitch K1.
2nd row: *K2, P1, repeat from * till last stitch K1.
Repeat this until balls run out or desired length is achieved.
Cast off.


  1. lovely scarf jen, at least it is finally completed:) i hope your dad likes it .

  2. Yes lovely colour , great scarf! I so long to wear one right now.


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