Monday, January 7, 2008

A Job!

I've finally been offered a longer contract with the university I'm working for before. However, I've been given the position at another department. Everything seemed so scary, but I guess it it part of going for that first full time job. I didn't know when I got this job, it was meant to be full time... it was really a do'h moment...;;^^

But anyway went for my first day today and they actually gave me an office. I'm still amazed even though there may be a slight chance of me being moved to another office. It was still an office. The place was like a maze and I'm also amazed when I went to staff room I saw a large flat screen TV!!!! With Foxtel on it... o.O

Unlike April's workplace the dustmites are a mix of male and female...;;^^

Anyway, everything seemed to be pretty much flexible, starting and finishing time etc...

I just hope everything will work out...;;^^

Anyway, hope I can knit soon... if only it's not so hot here...;;^^


  1. glad you are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel , at least for the time being :)
    enjoy ! don't forget to make it homey

  2. Congratulations- hope you enjoy the work! Hope the contract will become a permanent one, if not at least its another addition to your cv :)


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