Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I've taken the plunge...

and knitted in public! I know I know...while this activity seems normal to the avid knitter, I must admit I've never done it until this Sunday past. I've always thought I'd feel strange knitting in public or someone would sort of start pointing at me. To my surprise, I knitted in public without any major drama. In fact, has knitting came out in the open so much that no one would bat an eyelash to see someone knitting in public?

Anyhoo, the knitting in public episode has resulted in this!

I finished Juliet II! ^^ Knitting in the bamboo has been a mixed feeling. While it does split and drives one mad when needing to unravel a couple of stitches when mistakes are made, I cannot say I'm displeased with the result at all. In fact, knitting the pattern in slightly smaller needles produced a good gauge IMHO. While initially I had problems with a couple of rows, after taking a break, I actually knitted Juliet II without any mistakes. I did not have to do any creative embroidery with this! I love the colour and I'm still undecided if the button would be it. I still want to consider an interesting ribbon to finish it off. But I must say, I'm extremely happy. Serenity gave me knitting bliss! ^^

And knitting in public certainly makes one more productive!

*note Serenity is the name of the yarn used.


  1. Absolutely amazing. i would reccomend that to all knitters, we can get our project done faster if we all knit in public. Juliet II turns out to such a sweet cardi ! Great work Jen ! you did it :)

  2. Wahh so beautiful - I definitely must try this serenity - Jen you must tell me what size needle you used for this - I think I can use this in Malaysia. Did you use double ? And how many yarn ballss?
    I wish I can knit in public - I've been so busy its not funny!


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