Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In memory of the cakes shared....

... every Saturday by me & J. Peggy Lee's Siamese Cat Song playing on the computer as the customers sip their tea or coffee while browsing. The dead bugs in the jewellery display cases and the dust in the front book case. And the number of times I had to tell people the ugly yellow and black colour choice on the website was not my doing at all and of course...the vacuuming.

This Saturday (23rd Feb 2008) will be my last day working at Wool Baa.

The things I learnt, the things I experienced, the friends I made will be treasured. :) In fact, it's not a goodbye to all, so you'll see me there from time to time. Just because I'm quiting, does not mean I have to stop knitting. ^^ As Melita said to me, now I can be a customer and I can be demanding if I want! ^^


  1. LOL Jen, as they say the customer is always right!
    I hope now you will have more time to knit and dream of more knitting projects. I might be coming down to Melbourne early March Yay so lets plan a time to knit together - closer to the date I will let you know.

  2. that's quite sad jen ! yes, don't stop knitting, now you have a chance to relax on saturdays :)


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