Tuesday, March 25, 2008

me.u relaunched!

Before I launched into me.u being relaunched (yes, there is a pun).... I'll talk about what's been going on for the past week instead. :) Unfortunately, I was not able to catch up with Melita as I was swamped with deadlines even until the day before Good Friday. Sorry Melita!!! But hope that we can catch up next time and lovely to see you at the Stitches and Craft show! ^^

Well, when I first started working, there was one very lovely helpful person who sort of helped me to make the transition. Unfortunately, she will be leaving the uni for her new job. So to thank her I knitted her a scarf. I had to do a quick knit as I only realised she was leaving 3 days before it happened. :P So here is the result. I just hope that she liked it...and at least get some wear out of it. ^^

During the Easter break I went to Mt. Dandenong and it was fantastic! I got to watch the sunset with T and we played in the maze. Yes, we were like little kids, but hey it was fun! ^^

Look how the city of Melbourne was subtly captured in the photo...:)

But.....my coup (shhh...don't tell T) for the holidays was...GEELONG!!!! Yes...Geelong!!! If you would like to know why I'm excited, look at this photo:

Still no idea why?? Let's look closer....

Apparently, Geelong is a knitting town!!!! I went to the Wool Museum and I swear I was like a little kid in a candy store. My poor friend C probably thought I'm like a little kid. I got really excited when I saw a 100 year old Axminster carpet machine and got even more excited when they demonstrated how it worked. Then all the antiqued knitting machines!!! It's was simply fabulousknitty!!!! I didn't buy any yarn though not for the lack of trying....unfortunately most shops were closed for the holidays and the yarns I managed to find are not exactly my favourite colours. But I still had a blast! :)

Check out the yummy, knitted, yes knitted goodies!!!! ^^


I also finally got my SLR and hence the relaunching of me.u
New items has been photographed and listed. I used the etsy.com platform for the new store. Please tell your friends, or just visit it for fun. Feedback would be nice to improve...:)


  1. eeeks.. i am equally excited when i saw that 'statue' knitting !
    glad you enjoy your easter :)

  2. I know I've been busy too that I have not even had a proper time to sit down and read blogs. I'm sure we will catch up again sometime soon as our schedule was quite tight before.
    Wow I never knew that about Geelong- great statue- I always get very excited if there is anything remotely connected to knitting!


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