Sunday, April 13, 2008

Still knitting!

Yes, yes I'm still alive and knitting. ^^ Things was hectic during the March period and things that I wished was not happening was happening. Thus there was a lack of update in my blog. However, the knitting went on. And so did the jewellery making. :)

I'm currently knitting the bow tie scarf which you may remember from my previous entries here. The one that I'm making now is knitted in pink and green using a blend of Zara and Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK. So far, I love the colour combination! ^^ Though I'm a bout 1/2-way there, I can't wait till this is done!

On the jewellery making side of things, sales on etsy is a bit slow. However, when I started doing this again, I've told myself time and time again that it is a hobby and should not take precedence over my whole life so that the lack of sales would not affect me at all. However, one can always hope that sale would come one's way.... ^^

The good thing about making your own jewellery is that you'll always have earrings ready, designed in a way that you want it. Above is a piece I did for myself. I just wanted a really long pair of earrings to wear when my hair is down. And when I say long, I really love my earrings long and I love love love mismatched earrings!!!

Then, a gift! I made this for a colleague's bday. And to see her wear it, I'm happy....^^

And all these are the new stuff at the store today! ^^

So yes....I have been VERY productive! ^^

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  1. Lovely jen ! glad to see you back in the swing of things.. i love that turquoise earrings, sweet!


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