Monday, June 9, 2008

All I need is a holiday....

... to blog! Things is a bit busy at work (though we are at one of the most interesting part of the work), so I have not been able to blog. The knitting front has been slow too, though I'm still knitting my Fetching. I have not even been able to finish one side, d'oh!!!

(28thirty...looks beautiful and great to wear isn't it?? I have to knit one of these!)

Went to the Wool Baa yesterday, though I was pretty good and did not buy anything (since T has put me under a very strict budget :P). Shanwen on the other hand, made all the purchases for 28thirty. Melita is knitting this too. Since it is an absolutely fabulous pattern from Zephyr Style, I'm going to knit one too! The question is when I will knit it...;;^^ Since not only do I have more than 2 projects in progress, I have a multitude in queue! :P

And did I mention I went to Kinokuniya in Sydney last month? I picked up heaps of knitting books and some Chinese comics too...tee hee... ^^ I'll add pictures of what I've picked up next time...:)


On the beading front, I want to blog about this special customisation order. ^^

M came to me one day and showed me this lovely necklace. It's made of natural materials such as seed pods, shells and wood. The colours too were incredible. The issue is that M would like matching earrings made for this piece as it was a bit hard to match.

I was very lucky as Anuja had the exact same red beads. Thus, I was able to come up with the earring pieces. ^^ To capture the same feel, I made sure that the red bead repeats are the same to the original necklace.

After showing the results to M, she decided that a bracelet would be great too. Hence, I came up with the bracelet, pictured above. Using the memory wire and keeping in theme with the whole look and colour, the bracelet works really well despite the beads not being the exact same beads.

Overall though, I think the whole collection worked well. I was extremely pleased with the results and if it wasn't for Anuja's help, I would not have been able to finish this order. So thanks Anuja! ^^

The pieces together.

By the way...the funny thing about this collection is...when I was young and living in Singapore, I used to collect these red seed pods. I used to have jars of them. We used to give friends or boys we had crushes on a jar to signify our friendship or "love" (respectively) for them. LOL I thought it's interesting that they do make good beads too.


Anyhoo, off bake come cupcakes! ^^


UPDATE: Cupcakes made~! ^^

The cupcake was presented with fresh strawberry, jam (courtesy of Miss Marples Tea Room) and cottage cheese mix, sprinkled with icing sugar ... yum! ^^

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  1. Haha Jennifer I've caught the slow bug too on knitting! I dont know why - I must hate knitting the sleeves on 28thirty.Anyway love the earings and bangles- you are so creative and talented!


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