Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's Knitting Time!!!

Yes! The Melbourne's weather has been perfect for knitting. It's gloomy most days and it's freezing cold. Today alone I had to wear 2 jackets at the same time and I still could feel the chill.

It's always good though to have the rain and most importantly the cold weather has "inspired" me to knit faster and I've finally completed my Teal Bulky Scarf! ^^

Knitted in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK (doubled up) on 12mm needles, this scarf is warm to wear and soft against the skin. ^^

When I designed this scarf I only wanted a straight bulky scarf. However, the endless (almost like a mobius) scarf is apparently a trend this winter season, with Witchery and Country Road doing their versions. I knew then I need to have one and thus modified my own scarf to be dual functioned! I added mismatched buttons at the end which added more character to the piece and when buttoned up, the scarf becomes a loop!

Endless Scarf from Witchery

My version of the loopy's a bit bulky but at least it will be warm. ^^

This scarf can also be worn as a normal scarf. ^^


On the jewellery making side of things, I've just made some new stuff. Presenting the Harmony series! It's basically a basic circular wired design that comes with different themes. Banking on the popularity of the Beetle Bug ring, there is now Beetle Bug necklace. However, as soon as I showed this to my friend, it was bought. ;;^^ I might repeat the design later. The pink rose version is new expect a lot of the Harmony Series because I love the design.

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  1. hey your teal scarf is absolutely amazing.. so in style for this winter. by the way, the lovely pink rose necklace is very pretty too, you should uploaded it on etsy :)


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