Sunday, July 27, 2008


Yesterday I went to The Craft & Quilt Fair. The only reason why I wanted to go was not to get anymore beading supplies...;;^^ I was actually quite excited to see the list of yarn shops in the exhibitor list. I was definitely not disappointed with the fair.

It was crowded, in fact much more crowded when compared to the fair held in Caulfield Racecourse. We've never seen so many craft people in one room! Shanwen & I decided that the most logical thing to do was go aisle per aisle. Nevermind that each aisle took us 1/2 hour to explore as we got sidetracked and could not resist some of the bargains available. ^^

However, one of our biggest find was the Habu yarns!!! ^^ We've read about it and this time, we saw...we touched.... and we bought them! ^^ We went to shop twice just to make sure we would not regret not buying them. So, instead of buying just one ball, I bought 7. ;;^^ Shanwen, buckled too and bought one Habu and 2 other mohair and angora yarns.

I also picked up some lovely silk-ribbon type of yarn done in multi-colours. I'm happy with my finds and I got a feeling that scarves are definitely in the works....

Talking about future projects, being influenced by Shanwen (as usual) instead of knitting the 28thirty I've decided to knit February Lady Cardi instead. It has a similar look. While the lace looks a bit daunting, I've taken the plunge and bought 2 blue colours in Zarina which I will knit together to achieve a mild effect.

Starting new projects is always daunting, but it'll be fun. ^^ I hope... ;;^^


  1. LOVELY !!

    Nobody can resist habu yarns.. we just need to get our paws on it !
    I can't wait to see you knit habu into a scarf..

    By the way, did you buy the stainless steel yarn as well ??

    Such great fun catching up at the craft fair :)

  2. waaahhhh I'm so jealous- what lovely yarns!! I've heard of Habu but have never seen it face to face! I also love the colinette ones you have beautiful colours - Can't wait to see what you will do with them! By the way, the scarf you saw on my blog, its frm scarf style! Midwest moonlight - dont have it with me its in Melb! I can share with you when I'm back next end of this month!


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