Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It was a beautiful wedding!!!

No no...don't panic...it wasn't mine. :) It was A's and it was the most wonderful wedding! Ok, I may not have been to many weddings, but this wedding it was just so special. It's so special when the bride is one of your good friends, whom you had heaps of fun with before. It was a beautiful romantic story that culminated into this beautiful beginning. :)

The bride was gorgeous, and she was definitely not a bridezilla! She actually did a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and everything went without a hitch. See? Excellent planning makes the wedding day hassle-free. ^^

Anyway, here are some photos of the wonderful day.

This is a nice photo of the new Mr & Mrs taken at Docklands. ^^

The bride & bridesmaid (me!)

This is a matching ring that was made for both of us just to wear on that day. The theme was pink, the bouquet was pink roses and tulips. So my friend requested for me to make a pair for the day so we'd both match. ^^

And I nearly cried too at the end of the ceremony! And poor bf got stressed out with the people asking him when is our turn...hahahaha....


Despite the really cold winter, no knitting progress yet. I've been knitting this scarf...really need to take a picture of it. ;;^^

Oh oh...Melita, it was lovely catching up with you and meeting Ashley of course. She's so adorable. ^^ BTW I may still be here in Dec, so let me know when you are here, we'd do chocolate again. ^^


  1. Wow what beautiful wedding photos! Hey I loooove that ring? Do you still make it? I dont mind purchasing one myself ( if its a bit different never mind but the design is beautiful). Let me know if you can make it.Size ring is K and a half.
    Haha so funny about Tony getting nervous! Talk about pressure....dont worry it goes on and on - after that they will ask whens the babies...

  2. Jen ! what a lovely wedding! and you look gorgeous =)

    Haha, poor Tony.. But i am sure he gets the message =)


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