Monday, July 19, 2010

A productive Saturday

We had a productive morning on Saturday. I hosted a tea party as I was lucky enough to get a Twinings Tea chest for a survey that I answered. All the girls brought a platter of morning tea food each, and chose their own tea-for-one set. I just realised how many tea pots I have that morning...Anyway we had a ball (forgive the pun), knitting projects were started and continued. Cookies and cakes were munched. Tea was sipped. A delightful catch-up morning overall. ^^

1. Twinings Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea in a tea-for-one.
2. The table spread with more teapots and cookies courtesy of Anna.
3. Penelope's striped scarf.
4. Evelyn's 1st scarf.
5. Breanna's moss stitch scarf.
6. Anna's scarf for her brother.
7 & 8. My diagonal rib scarf in mustard yellow (YAY~!).
9. Cookies courtesy of Penelope.


  1. " own tea for one" set ? you have a lot of tea pots , Jen !
    i wish i was there.. i kept missing out on knitting meetups.
    By the way, can i borrow that pattern for your mustard scarf ?

  2. hey, where's the spring rolls? Oh yeah.. I ate them ;)
    Such a fun morning!

  3. LOL I still have all the cakes and cookies left over...not doing well for my diet! LOL


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