Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vintage Hana

Remember my post about getting a design block? Well as I mentioned in the post, I got over it by changing the design that I was working on. This is a special custom-made brooch that marry vintage and Japanese motif. It's like the Hana brooch that I've made before but different. But the joy about making brooches is that I can go a bit crazy and expressive. I sense more brooch range in me.u....

PS. My facebook page has 92 members now. Do you know what happens when I reach 100? A give-away! So please join the page so we can get to the give-away. Thank you~! ^^


  1. Pretty brooch! I love the honey coloured beads dangling from the chain.

    Have you seen ? You could sumbit yours if you wanted to! :)

  2. Thanks Penelope! :)

    I've been wanting to submit my brooch there but I'm having issues with image storage with my webhosting. :P But when I get that sorted out, for sure! ^^ Thanks Penelope! ^^


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