Friday, January 27, 2012

Making something old new again...

During the Australia Day holiday, I decided to finish up my mannequin restoration project. I started this project last year, but never got around to finishing it. I actually acquired this mannequin around 2004. It was already old by then... but the mannequin continued to deteriorate over the time. Mainly the problem was caused by the disintegrating foam within. The foam had turned so chalky that the fabric covering the mannequin had brownish powder all over it. Of course, this also made the mannequin impossible to use.

Upon disassembling it, I had to clean all the parts as the powdery foam was just so awful. Loads of brushing, and Dettol wipes did the trick. Loads of Glen 20 too...;;^^

Instead of foam, I've decided to use wadding instead to pad the mannequin parts. I think I've got foam phobia after seeing all the powdery brown foam...:P

I also used knitted jersey fabric with smaller patterns. The logic behind it is to give it stretch for easy pinning when the mannequin is in use. Smaller fabric pattern repeat is fantastic to make things easier when all the mannequin parts are back together. I don't have to match the fabric patterns! ^^

Anyway, this is one of my most major before and after project I've undertaken and I must say I'm rather pleased with the outcome. ^^

Have you done any similar projects? Do you have any tips that you can share with me? After the success of this, I can see myself doing more before and after projects. ^^

from me to u. 


  1. That's a nifty project indeed, and even niftier because you clearly possess the skills to create textiles! I taught myself how to make a lined, zipped skirt, but had too many problems getting the waistband right, so have put such projects aside for the time being.. But enough about that. I am writing because I thought you might find this blog about textiles an interesting read.
    Wishing you a wonderful day.

  2. Thank you so much Greta!!! I love that link so much I added it into my list of blog list!
    zippers are always bad for me too... they are too fiddly... there must be some tricks into putting a zipper and waistbands and such. I used to sew more, but now with a thesis, it is all about trying to find time. :P
    But anyway, hope you are having a lovely day too. :)


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