Friday, February 3, 2012

Summer Treat

Summer has been in full swing in Melbourne recently. Though we haven't had many 40 degrees days yet, thank goodness. :) But we have been coping well by doing what else? Having ice cream, of course!

My husband has been into cooking recently and he made this easy mango ice cream based on Jamie Oliver's 30 Minutes Meal.

Frozen mango cubes from 1 large-sized mango
Lemon zest
2 tbsp of honey
About 3 mint leaves
A small tub of yogurt

How to make it:
Blend all these ingredients together!
Then re-freeze it by occasionally breaking it up to prevent ice crystals from forming.

Easy, isn't it? :)

Anyway, this has sparked my interest in making home-made ice cream. I found this amazing blog dedicated to ice creams: Scoop Adventures

During summer time, what is your favourite treat?

from me to u.


  1. This is fantastic! Every summer, I vow to buy an ice cream machine (which I can't actually invest in, because my freezer is Barbie-doll-sized), so this recipe is the answer to all I was looking for - plus, it's rather healthy. I will be bookmarking this page to return to when it's my turn for summer - this very day has been the first to be so cold, that the windows have frozen over! :) But, foodie that I am, that has not stopped me from enjoying this recipe! ;)
    Wishing you just enough coolness from my clime for an enjoyable day, and lots of warm wishes :)

    1. Thank you Greta! We've also tried to substitute the mango... we tried it with watermelon and it is also yummy. :) Pictures of the watermelon version will be up soon. ^^


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