Monday, February 27, 2012

The joy of books and gifting

I wanted to take time to feature a book that I recently bought. Reversible Knitting is definitely a book to have for advanced knitters who are ready to move beyond the simple knit-purl, cabling and lace patterns. The reason why this book is so attractive to me is because the knit stitches introduced literally blew my mind. Yes. They did. From mock-crochet stitch patterns to knitting in little circles, this book is a revolutionary addition to the stitch library (at least in my opinion....). This book also comes with patterns for projects, though I'm not too keen on them. But then again, I buy knitting books for inspiration for my personal projects and this book has plenty of that. 

 This post is inspired by Greta who told me about Book Giving Day. I didn't really realise the significance of the day until I did some research on it. Next year, this will be on my list to do for Valentine's Day. :) 

Books certainly makes a wonderful gift albeit the book should either fit the occasion or the person. My friend just had her bridal shower and I thought this book was pretty apt. ^_-

What book have you read bought or read recently? And do book giving you joy too? 

from me to u.


  1. I blushed when you saw you mentioned my name again! :) As for Feb 14 being book giving day, I'm afraid I didn't give any books that day, but found it an amusing holiday - because I love the idea of giving books as presents.
    The book I've just started is The Voice of the Heart, which can be downloaded here. It is the autobiography of an Indian woman who became an esteemed dancer (the one I blogged about).
    As for books I give away, this may sound so childish, but in all honesty, the book I give away most often is The Little Prince.
    I think it's really neat that you can think up your own knitting designs: this was such an inspiring post!

  2. P.S. I wanted to link to this article on leadership that I read this morning, and found really inspiring. Since your work is also connected to business, I thought you might find it inspiring, too :)


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